Both independently and as a team, we - Nadya and James - have taken the path less travelled, torn up the rule books, and given conformity a worthy pair of adversaries.

Lost Apostle jewelry is a reflection of this approach to life – knowing there’s a right way, a wrong way, and your own way to be forged. Nature, anatomy, and the space between your ears – they’re all inspirations. Soak it up, wring it out, see what sticks.

Every piece of Lost Apostle jewelry is made entirely by hand.

James learnt his skills the old fashioned way, as a silversmith’s apprentice, using traditional tools and techniques more commonly wielded hundreds of years ago. Never far from a blowtorch even today, there’s a proud reason behind the Balinese word for “silversmith” tattooed on his leg. Nadya’s background in the Fine Arts lends a keen eye to all aspects of Lost Apostle's designs, and her love for skulls stretches back decades – she thinks she painted her first one aged 7. The girl’s got game.

Our spiral logo on every ring, necklace, bracelet, and earring is your guarantee that our very best has gone into your wearable sculpture.

Re-invigorating a 6,000-year-old method called the Lost Wax process to create their jewelry, each piece of Lost Apostle is a little reminder that although our time on this mortal coil may be fleeting, bronze has – and will be – around for millennia. Just as the 1,500-year-old bronze bracelet that James un-earthed in Cambodia may have once been worn by an ancient Khmer king, so might a Lost Apostle skull be rediscovered many generations from now, every bit as splendid as the day it was first worn.

Bronze is a beautiful metal to work with - strong, enduring, resonant. Your Lost Apostle jewelry will stand the test of time - and they’ll fight over it when you’re gone.